It's That Time of Year...Foaling Season!!

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Every year since I started working at Twelve Golden Oaks my freshmen year in college, I have anticipated foaling season like a child anticipates Christmas.  To me, there is nothing more adorable than meeting a brand new baby horse. Eek!! Just saying that makes me excited! 

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Today I visited Hartwell’s Thoroughbred Farm to meet the first foal of the 2017 season, Champ!  Hartwell’s is a small private farm in New Hope, Pennsylvania and this year they bred three mares. Little Champ is the first of the three to be born, in a few days, foal number two arrive and in April, the last foal will complete the “trifecta.” 

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During my time at Hartwell's Farm, I met all ten horses, each with its own unique personality.  Champ’s playful personality showed as he ran around and even gave the camera “a raspberry” or two.  Most of the time he stuck pretty close to his mother, but when he got tuckered out from testing his legs, he had no problem plopping down and resting in the crispy leaves.  

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I was so happy to meet Champ and all of the horses at Hartwell’s.  I can’t wait to meet the rest of this spring’s arrivals!    

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