A Partnership with Alexa + Versace

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Have you ever noticed when you're talking to someone about their passion, their eyes light up, they are more animated, and you can tell they truly enjoy talking about the topic? Well this is how Alexa Derr, of Vue de Lou Dressage LLC, and I feel about horses!  We have both based our businesses around the special bond riders create with their horses.

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The goal of Vue de Lou Dressage LLC is β€œto help each horse reach its happiest, healthiest, and highest potential.”  Alexa helps riders build a solid relationship with their horses through her well-rounded training program.  Her passion for working with horses started at a very young age of seven and she has dedicated her life to being a horsewoman ever since.    

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Much like Alexa turning her love of horses into a successful business, Lynn Rose Photography is the perfect marriage of my passions for photography and this magnificent breed of animal.  With every unique equine personality, I work to bring out the pure grandeur and preserve the majesty of your equine friend. 

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I am honored to have photographed and now partner with Alexa as a client ambassador and to offer my specialized services to the uniquely talented community of dressage riders.  The synergy and excitement I feel by partnering with someone so passionate and involved in their work, has my creative mind chomping at the bit to work with the riders at Vue de Lou Dressage.

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If you would like to read additional information on Alexa Derr and the Vou de Lou Dressage LLC, please visit her website at www.vuedeloudressage.com.

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Evelyn Szczepanek