Tiffany + Fia Sunrise Session

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Every photographer has their dream photo shoot or a shot they have admired and would love to add to their own portfolio.  These photos are often a gift from Mother Nature or being lucky enough to have a subject that always knows where the light is and helps you to create beautiful pictures.  Fia, the horse in today’s photoshoot, was not one of those dream subjects.  

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Tiffany, Fia’s owner and I had collaborated on a dream session to capture the trusting bond they have developed over the last three years.  Tiffany got Fia aftershe had been a trail horse for a few years and knew she had a challenge on her hands. It took a full year before a true bond started to form and it wasn’t until this past year that Fia has demonstrated trust with Tiffany.  Tiffany said, “we’ve put a lot of work into each other and it’s finally beginning to show.”  

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We styled Tiffany in a flowy rose colored skirt and used the soft pastel of her ensemble as inspiration for floral accent.  Horse, check.  Flower collar, check.  Tiffany looking beautiful, check.  Now it was time to capture the love Tiffany has for her equine friend.  We were ready to go — but Fia had other ideas.  

Tiffany + Fia 8.jpg

My biggest challenge with Fia was getting her to stand still and cooperate with us for the session. She was giving definitely giving us a hard time because she was more interested in head diving for grass than smile for the camera. We offered her treats and were forced to adapt to her movements instead of getting the poses we had discussed. Tiffany booked an hour session but we coaxed and worked with Fia for 2.5 hours, but got some great shots! Check out their amazing gallery. 

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Evelyn Szczepanek