An Amazing Experience | PA World Horse Expo, Harrisburg PA

The 16th Annual World Horse Expo, was a huge learning experience for me and I loved it!  I spent night and day prepping, developing new products, and writing new marketing materials to ensure that I put my best foot forward.  A few months ago, I started working on my Etsy shop and created some beautiful pieces by turning some of my favorite equine portraits into watercolors.  I thought the World Horse Expo would be an ideal forum in which to introduce my new creative line. 


I planned on selling a ton of art, booking sessions, and meeting a whole new group of clients.  While the show kept me insanely busy, I got more “window shoppers” than actual buyers. Even though I didn’t quite hit my goals, I did get some positive feedback on my work and I made over 200 new contacts! 


Over the course of the show, I met some helpful creatives Tara of Tara's Equine Designs  and Kim who owns Black Horse Creations  in nearby booths and made mental notes of their ideas to help me boost my success for the next time I tackle an expo. Like I said, I have been looking to step-up my marketing and Equine Photography business, expanding my product line and networking in the Equine Industry.  So! Even though I doubled my budget, I consider my first expo a success.

Follow Up: Over the past few weeks since the expo I have noticed a huge increase in traffic to my new website and a ton of bookings. The Watercolor portraits are a huge hit! It is so neat to see the results just weeks after the big show.