My First Expo Preparation | The PA World Horse Expo | Traveling Equine and Wedding Photographer

A few months ago when I decided to participate in the 16th Annual World Horse Expo, I was a little naive at what a financial and time commitment it would be.  I have been looking to step-up my marketing and Equine Photography business, not only by expanding my product line, but also by putting myself out there and networking in the Equine industry.  For as long as I have been involved in the horse world, I have thought that the Pa World Horse Expo was the place to be.  


Researching and preparing for my first expo has been a huge learning experience.  With the cost of a booth for events such as these, I searched the blogs to find an example of an easy DIY model of a booth to tackle with my dad.  My dad is handy and the person who kickstarted my passion for photography, so who better to enlist to help me build my first display booth?  (Original Inspriation)

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 9.55.24 AM.png


My dad and I headed to Home Depot and grabbed all of or supplies and got to work.  Even my daughter wanted to help, so she got the most important job....playing with putty and filling the nail holes. She sure loved that job!  It is also fun when building a frame and you attach it wrong (see second image) 

As we started to assemble the booth, there where things we realized we would need to finish the booth so off to Home Depot I would go....again. I am sure by the end of the project, the staff at Home Depot thought I lived there. 

While the booth was starting to take shape, my display products started to arrive. It felt like Christmas when Mike the UPS guy arrive! 


As you can see, we were going for a look that is classic and simple.  In just a couple of days of me framing and my dad working on he panels, we were ready to paint.  I was looking for the perfect backdrop to showcase my art and really have the horses pop out of the deep blue background. 



I am very please with the way my booth turned out and will be posting a few follow-up blogs about my first show experience and behind the scenes of step up, so check back in a few days!!!