The "Blizzard" of 2018 | Filly Stella and Mommy Savannah Snow Session | Traveling Equine and Wedding Photographer

It was all anyone was talking about, since the weather men said, "Here comes a Nor'easter.  It will dump 12-16 inches!"  A State of Emergency was issued, so no one would be on the roads driving and schools were closed because a single flake hit the ground. The storm was going to roll in overnight and we would all wake up and get dressed to shovel about a foot or more of heavy wet snow. 



Me?  I’m contacting the owner of Cedar Valley Stables to plan our snowy session with their newest little foal Stella and her mommy, Savannah.  Photographing a foal in the snow is a bucket list item for me! To add to my excitement, Stella is a beautiful 1/2 Friesian 1/2 Arabian black foal. We decided to see what the weather was like and scheduled the shoot for the afternoon after the storm should have died down. 


Wednesday morning around 6:15am, I wake up and there is a dusting of snow. Wait?? What happened to the 12-16 inches of snow expected overnight?? The weather men couldn’t have messed up that drastically.  Apparently, the storm shifted and it is coming later. The predictions dropped to 8-12 inches, but that is still a lot to drive in. 


Where I was, it started to snow around 10am, and the snow turned the bare brown trees into a white winter wonderland.  When I talked with the barn owner, she said there was very little snow at the stables, but I figured I better head out before the worst of it hit.  I picked up my friend Sarah and we are on our way. The drive was a bit disappointing, because I had my heart set on photographing this black foal in the snow and there was no snow on the tress, everything melted.  As we drove up the mountain, we were making our way through what winter in The Chronicles of Nardia looked like. Everything was WHITE! 

IMG_4852 2.JPG

We arrived at Cedar Valley Stables, but there was hardly any snow.  I realized I was going to have to get creative with this session. We got mommy and filly outside, and baby Stella stared at the snow like it was coming to eat her and mom was just itching to get some energy out. We let them go and they had blast in the little amount of snow there was as I captured some beautiful moments of fun. 

Stella + Savannah 4.jpg


A week later we finally got that Nor'Eastern and I went back out to get those dream photos of this adorable duo. 

Stella + Savannah 2.jpg
Stella + Savannah 3.jpg



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