Vue de Lou Dressage

Versace + Gentleman | Vue de Lou Dressage | May 1st 2019


I have been so lucky to work along side of Alexa Derr. She is the trainer and owner of Vue de Lou Dressage. Alexa competes at the Grand Prix level in dressage. She currently owns two amazing horses, her veteran horse Versace and her new up and coming horse Gentleman.


Versace: 2002 Dutch warm blood gelding donated to me through Dressage4Kids in 2015. When I met him, he was in the early stages of a soft tissue injury rehab program. I brought him home 3 months later and rehabbed him for an additional year before taking him out to compete at a year and a half. He was schooling the Grand Prix prior to his injury but never competed. After lots of diligent work and patience, we competed at the Grand Prix together for the first time in 2017. He’s now going on his 3rd year by the grace of God. I hope to compete him at the regional finals and Devon.


Gentleman: 2015 danish warmblood gelding found by a good friend of mine in the Netherlands. She and I had been looking at horses seriously for a few months when he went up for sale. As soon as she rode him, she told me he was the one and with complete trust, I bought him after he passed the vetting. After a month of quarantine at his home farm due to an outbreak, he was cleared and flew over last Memorial Day weekend. I first met him in quarantine in New York and fell in love with his type and personality. I’d say the first 3 weeks were the most trying. Life scared him and he didn’t trust anyone (rightfully so) and he was explosive in his paddock and under saddle. But the trust is more mutual now and he’s ready to compete in dressage tests this year. Last year he cleaned up with multiple year end awards in the 3yo materiale. I love him more and more. With any young horse, you go through spells where you feel a million things click all at once, then they grow and it all falls a part.


Evelyn Szczepanek