Inese + Lovely

Inese + Lovely | Chaparral | Denver, PA

Spring Blooms are some of my favorite and when your client is just as excited as you are you know the session is going to be AMAZING!


Lovely is Latvian warmblood gelding born in 2008. Inese purchased him as a three years old after very sad and horrific loss of her very first horse.
One of the biggest Latvian Breeding farms had listed lots of horses for sale as their new owner decided to downsize. Inese originally saw two grey geldings, which she fell in love with. They were great, very sweet, very talented, but young. She asked if there are any older horses for sale and this is how she met Lovely. A week later she brought him to her barn, he trailered like a champ for the first time and was incredibly sweet, lovable and looking for people attention ALL THE TIME.


When Inese. booked her session, everytime I would see her, she would be like, “I hope we get sun, I want it to be sunny and perfect” I think that was the one thing she wanted the most. Me, I am just hoping for a good day, pretty much just no down pours and a well behaved horse. I am one of those photographers who actually gets excited for a little rain for a session.


Well her session day was here. She had Lovely looking….lovely and she made a gorgeous floral wreath for him and a flower crown for herself that matched each other, but also her beautiful dress. She use to make them back in Lavite for people she knew. The weather how ever was not what she excepted, it was cloudy and a chance of rain. I told her no matter what, you will still have gorgeous images.

At the end of the session, I showed her a few on the back of the camera and she was in love! She couldn’t believe how well they turned out for what kind of weather we had.


About 4 days later I had her gallery finished and we were able to do her reveal session. She spent 3 hours at the barn looking over her images in awe, creating a one of a kind album and picking out her favorite images to create wall art. I had so much fun with her session and I can not wait to share what her wall art and album looks like.


“When I purchased him, I gave him a promise, that I will have him forever, that I will never sell him or give up on him, little did I know, that my life will change so much and I will ended up thousand miles away from home, across the ocean. I had to leave him behind in Europe for a year and a half and slowly work towards my promise, my goal to bring him across to be with us.
13th of October 2017 was the day he landed in JFK Airport in New York. Three days later he was released from quarantine and was heading to his new forever home in Pennsylvania. Feeling I got seeing him walking off trailer was unreal. He sure is one lucky horse, experiencing warmer climate, lots of lush pasture time and I sure am lucky being able to spend every single day with him.” -Inese

Evelyn Szczepanek