Water Color GuideLines 



Do have good lighting, Don't have it underexposed or overexposed because the image will loose detail on the image. Try to avoid harsh shadows from the sun on the horse. 


Do use normal angles, Straight, horse coming towards you at chosen gate, or a nice head shot straight on. Images of the horse running in the field works fantastic.  Don't send odd "creative" angles, shooting from above, or from the ground up at the horse. No Selfies or extremely distorted images. 

Resolution, Objects, & People

Try to send in images that are a higher resolution, (I can work with extreme pixilation but I will loose detail) Avoid images that a fence or another object is blocking part of the horse, example top line, or part of face. Also avoid images with people in the for it blocks the horse and makes it more difficult to create the perfect watercolor. 





Q: How long does it take until I get my order? 

A: It takes me about 2-3 days to edit your image you sent me into a digital watercolor portrait. I will then send you a proof before I send out the order so you know what to expect.  I typically send out a canvas order weekly. It takes about 3-5 business days to arrive to me took look over the canvases to make sure it printed correctly and there is no damage. I try to shipping out the next business and it is about 3-5 business days shipping until it reaches you. International shipping will take longer. I will provide you with a tracking number once your art work is shipped out to you. 


Q: Can I send in a few images of different horses to have them put together on one canvas? 

A: Yes! It is very possible to do that. I ask you send me about 10 images of each horse to me. This gives me variety of images to choose from and know which ones will work the best. I can not guarantee it will always work but I will try my hardest! I always love a challenge! 


Q: What if I don't have any good images, but you will be traveling to where I live? 

A: If you do not have any images that will work but you are in an area of my Equine Photography Schedule I offer a Watercolor Equine Portrait Package. I will photograph your horse and you will receive a variety of different watercolor images to choose from.